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There are 3 primary cellular carriers in Mexico.  Your US wireless phone will roam on one or more of these networks.  You can also purchase phones, SIM's and service directly from these carriers for use in Mexico. There is also a "Shared" 4G wireless network in several isolated areas of the country.

AT&T Discounts
AT&T is the newest Mexican carrier after their acquisition of 2 Mexico carriers, Iusacell and Nextel of Mexico. AT&T has combined these networks and offers a competitive product for both Mexican and US customers. They are upgrading the network to 4G LTE. Mexico AT&T customers will have both roaming and calling benefits across the border, to and from the US, Mexico and Canada.  A US AT&T phone will roam on another network in Mexico if an AT&T signal is unavailable. AT&T Mexico customers can call all customers of AT&T, Unefon and Cricket in Mexico, Canada and the US without additional charges.

Movistar offers prepaid options and their GSM network is currently the second best in Mexico. You can buy a Movistar SIM and use your own unlocked phone. 
Movistar retailers are hard to find, but refills are available at most convenience stores through the store's computer. Movistar offers competitive plans which include Calls & Text to and from the US and Canada. We've been unable to access any English-speaking assistance at Movistar, either on cellular, or at their national toll-free number. Calls to 611, and to check your balance, involve a charge.

Telcel offers excellent coverage in the country. Telcel sells a prepaid package for outside visitors, that includes phone, SIM ("chip") and a prepaid card. Some retailers offer just the SIM, some of which have minutes already loaded, which can be inserted into your own unlocked GSM phone. Some retailers charge an extra fee to help you get set could be worth it. If your phone is not unlocked, your GSM carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile and others) may provide you with your unlock code before you leave the US. If not, or if you don't subscribe to those networks, you can buy almost any unlocked GSM phone just for use in Mexico.

Telcel advertises themselves as "4G LTE" but it is limited to the largest cities. To compete against the new AT&T plans, Telcel now offers roaming and calling to both the US and Mexico without extra charges. Most incoming calls are free.

Also, our TelCel refills don't "roll over". Add a new prepaid card and you lose some or all of your previous minutes. TelCel refills are available at many retail outlets. A few still sell the refill cards, but most now take your number and enter your purchase in the computer, which is immediately credited to your phone. Telcel is owned by America Movil.

These carriers sell cellular services that use the network of one of the major carriers, above.
  • CIERTO: Uses the Movistar Network

  • QBOcel: Uses the Movistar Network

  • UNEFON: Uses the AT&T Mexico Network

  • VIRGIN MOBILE: Uses the Movistar Network

    The Red Compartida (The "Shared Network") was built by the Mexican government with 3 objectives:
    ► To be used by any of the Mexico Wireless carriers
    To provide wireless coverage in "unserved" areas of the country
    To provide fast, 4G-LTE service where it may be otherwise unavailable

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